Armenian revolution – the only chance for country’s survival

Armenia Materials 23 June 2015 17:44 (UTC +04:00)
The Armenians’ response to the electricity tariff hike was expected and the rallies against the authorities’ next social crime against the people didn’t surprise anyone.
Armenian revolution – the only chance for country’s survival

Baku, Azerbaijan, June 23
By Elmira Tariverdiyeva - Trend:

The Armenians' response to the electricity tariff hike was expected and the rallies against the authorities' next social crime against the people didn't surprise anyone.

The surprise was the brutality the Armenian authorities used to punish the poor people of the country that is protecting its last pennies.

Let's recall that on June 17, Armenia's Public Services Regulatory Commission, considering a request from the distribution company, Electric Networks of Armenia, a subsidiary of the Inter RAO UES, partially fulfilling the request to raise the electricity tariff by 6.93 Armenian drams (about $0.015).

The electricity price hike will lead to higher prices for essential goods and many services.
It is understandable why the Armenian people, robbed by the government, finally decided to rebel.

On June 22, in the evening, after their ultimatums to the authorities went unanswered, thousands of protesters went to the presidential palace. The demonstrators were stopped by a police cordon and police forces. They dispersed the ordinary citizens with water cannons.

The brutal suppression of the protest of thousands of ordinary people is a very dangerous step by the authorities. The authorities can delay the revolution for a short time, but can they prevent it? Probably not. If today the people are only protesting the increase of the electricity tariffs, the government will soon raise the prices for cigarettes, alcohol, gasoline and gas for fueling vehicles.

And how will poor people, who have not recently received funds from the diaspora due to the global economic downturn, survive?

People are well aware and see the ties of oligarchs and criminal circles within the authorities. They are getting richer at the expense of ordinary citizens. They do not think about the future of Armenia and make absolutely wrong decisions. People will lose their patience in this case.

It is necessary to break the vicious circle. The only way for the Armenian people to survive is to overthrow the corrupt authorities, which are paying for their welfare by the lives of unborn children and the elderly poor.

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