OSCE Office helps organize training on democratic governance of security sector in Armenia

Armenia Materials 31 March 2007 11:38

( OSCE ) - A three-day OSCE-supported training course on democratic control of the armed forces started in Tsakhkadzor today.

Representatives of the Defence Ministry, Parliament, media and NGOs will learn about basic principles of good governance in the security sector, as well as the rights of defence personnel. They will also acquire skills in oversight techniques and accountability used by the European security community, which will help in the ongoing democratic reforms.

"Transparency in the management of the armed and security forces is a cornerstone of democracy. Parliament, civil society and media should be involved in oversight of the security sector," said Carel Hofstra, Politico-Military Officer at the OSCE Office. "I believe this seminar will help improve co-ordination between various actors in the defence sector, which is essential especially in view of threats like terrorism and organized crime."

Tevan Poghosyan, the Executive Director of the local NGO International Centre for Human Development, added: "It is crucial at this stage of Armenia's development to pay attention to the control of the armed forces, an important component of a democratic society. This training is a step forward in understanding the international experience of democratic governance of the security sector."

The course will be conducted by experts of the Dutch Centre for European Security Studies together with the Armenian NGO International Centre for Human Development with support from the OSCE Office in Yerevan.

More training courses on democratic control of the intelligence and law enforcement sectors will be held later in the year.