Term for Submission of Party and Majority Lists to Central Election Committee Expires today

Georgia Materials 21 April 2008 12:34 (UTC +04:00)

Georgia, Tbilisi / Trend corr. N.Kirtskhalia / The Georgian Election Committee reports that the term for submission of election lists by the Georgian political parties, as well as the lists of majority MPs expires on 21 April at 6.00 pm.

In the case of mistakes, the parties will be given three days to correct them.

Three parties, which demonstrated best results during the previous parliamentary elections, might keep their number.

Totally, 3 blocs and 9 political parties will participate in the elections.

The biggest bloc is 'United opposition -National Council-New'. The Bloc unites 8 political parties - the political movement 'Freedom', Conservative party, 'Movement for United Georgia', Popular party, National forum, Way of Georgia, Kartuli dasi, We ourselves movement, as well as New rights party.

The second bloc - "Traditionalists - Our Georgia - Women's party, unites two parties - Union of traditionalists and For fair and equality.

The third bloc - Right alliance - Topadze - Industries unites National-Democratic party, Unity and Industry to save Georgia parties.

The political parties which will participate in the elections independently are United national movements, Republic Party, Labour party, Christian-Democratic movement, Georgian's policy, National party of radical democrats of Georgia, Our country, Georgian sportsmen union and Christian- democratic alliance.

The parliamentary elections of Georgia are scheduled for 21 May. 150 MPs will join the new framework of the Parliament- 75 will be elected on proportional system and the rest 75 on majority system.

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