Azerbaijani Georgian Fazil Aliyev to Take Part in Georgian Parliamentary Elections

Georgia Materials 23 April 2008 14:27 (UTC +04:00)

The Christian Democratic Alliance has nominated 132 candidates on proportional system and 42 on majority system for the upcoming parliamentary elections to take place in Georgia on 21 May.

The top nine candidates in the list are as follows: Georgi Maisashvili (who took part in the presidential elections of 5 January 2008), Georgi Kobakhidze, David Tarkhan-Mouravi, David Cheishvili, Merab Khurtsidze, Zviad Bokuchava, Georgi Shervashidze (former commander of Georgian Interior Ministry's Internal Troops), Georgi Gegenadze and Fazil Aliyev, Novosti-Gruziya reported.

The National Assembly of Georgian Azerbaijanis and International Council of Georgian Azerbaijanis nominated Fazil Aliyev for presidential elections which took place in the country in January 2008. However, in December 2007, Aliyev refused from participation in the elections and said that cause for that was the pressure from Georgian state bodies. Later, Aliyev proclaimed establishment of a new constructive opposition party. The party has not been registered so far, so he cannot participate in the parliamentary elections.

According to proportional and majority systems, 150 MPs will be elected to the Parliament (75/75). Nine parties and three election blocs are involved.