Georgia Not to Tolerate Bombing of its Civil Citizens and to Take Adequate Measures to Protect Them: Speaker of Georgian Parliament

Georgia Materials 9 August 2008 12:38 (UTC +04:00)

Georgia, Tbilisi, 9 August / corr. Trend N.Kirtzkhalia / Georgia will not tolerate bombing of its civil citizens and take adequate measures to protect them, David Bakradze, the speaker of the Georgian Parliament, stated.

According to Bakradze, despite the central authorities' attempt to peaceably settle the conflict through dialogue, the separatist regime chose a confrontation way. "We did not feel sorry for the development of a similar scenario, whilst the separatists did not leave other way for us. Everybody must know that Georgia will not tolerate bombarding of its civil citizens and the Georgian Government has an opportunity to answer adequately to their action and the state will do its best for protection of its citizens," Bakradze stated.

According to Bakradze, at present Georgia is in a state of undeclared war with Russia and it is a decisive stage for the Georgian statehood. "Currently, Russia is implementing large-scale military aggression against us and we together with the international community must halt the fighting. Now decisive moment came. Either we will set up deserving state, or all existing problems will increase ten times. Our state has forces and resources to prevent obstacles," the speaker of the Georgian Parliament said.

According to the speaker, at present calmness, unity and coordination is necessary to settle aroused situation. Peace will be restored in the country, only when Kokoyti's criminal regime is driven from the region finally, Bakradze said. He also hails opponents' mood, who took into account the difficulty of the aroused situation and stand together with the leadership of the country.