Iraq condemns Turkey embassy attack

Arab World Materials 21 January 2012 10:49 (UTC +04:00)
Iraq has strongly condemned Wednesday’s attack on Turkish embassy compound in Baghdad
Iraq condemns Turkey embassy attack
Iraq has strongly condemned Wednesday's attack on Turkish embassy compound in Baghdad Today`s Zaman reported

A statement released by Iraqi Foreign Ministry on Friday said it condemns "this heinous attack."

A rocket hit the Turkish embassy compound in Baghdad on Wednesday, striking its perimeter without causing any injuries, Iraqi security and Turkish officials said.

At least two rockets were fired from a vehicle at the embassy in northern Baghdad, outside the heavily fortified Green Zone complex, a senior Iraqi security official said.

Baghdad summoned Turkey's ambassador on Monday, complaining that comments made by Turkish officials amounted to meddling in its internal affairs.

"There were two Katyusha rockets. The first one hit the embassy blast wall, and the second one hit the second floor of an adjacent bank," the official said.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said Ankara expected the Iraqi authorities to take steps to provide security for Turkey's diplomatic missions.

"We strongly condemn the atrocious attack on our embassy and we expect the Iraqi authorities to arrest the attackers and take them before the court, as well as to take every necessary measure to ensure such an attack does not take place again," its statement said.

Iraqi statement added that such attacks cannot hurt strong relations between the two friend and brother countries, referring to Iraq and Turkey.