Arab League official slams Israel's Nuclear arms program

Israel Materials 27 October 2007 13:20

( Irna ) - A leading Arab League official here Friday lashed out at Israel's continued efforts to cover up its nuclear weapons program.

Speaking at an international Mideast confab at the German Parliament, the cabinet chief of the General Secretary of the Arab League, Hisham Youssef said, " Israel is pursuing a policy of ambiguity. The whole world knows that Israel has nuclear weapons." Pointing to baseless western accusations against Iran's nuclear program, he added, at least Iran is in the NPT and has opened its program to the International Atomic Energy Agency which Israel has not done.

Israel is widely believed to possess a substantial arsenal of nuclear weapons and stockpiles intercontinental-range ballistic missiles to launch them.

Islamic and non-aligned countries have criticized the Western powers for their attempts to block efforts to declare Israel's nuclear weapons arsenal a threat.

The United States and other Western states combined on Friday to stifle a resolution at the UN nuclear watchdog, demanding Israel use atomic energy only for peaceful purposes and help set up a Middle East nuclear arms-free zone.