Report: US has video of North Koreans inside Syrian nuclear site

Israel Materials 24 April 2008 10:39 (UTC +04:00)

Members of the US Congress were to be shown video Thursday that purportedly shows North Koreans inside a Syrian nuclear facility which was the target in September of an Israeli airstrike, the Washington Post reported, citing senior US officials speaking on condition of anonymity.

The video, obtained from Israel and recorded in summer 2007, includes footage from inside the Syrian nuclear site, known as al-Kibar, reported the dpa.

Images in the video purportedly show a Syrian reactor that is highly similar to North Korea's Yongbyon reactor, which is alleged to suggest North Korean help in construction at al-Kibar.

The video, which was reportedly crucial in the Israeli decision to bomb the site, has not previously been shared with members of the US Congress, including the House and Senate intelligence committees.

The US has been attempting to thaw relations with North Korea to continue progress in convincing the Pyongyang regime to relinquish its nuclear-weapons programme. Further evidence of North Korean nuclear proliferation to other countries could complicate those talks.