HAMAS Not Interested in Violation of Ceasefire with Israel

Israel Materials 29 October 2008 18:32 (UTC +04:00)

Ceasefire agreement between Israel and HAMAS will last to the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for 10 February, Maariv newspaper reported on 29 October, representatives of the security service said during consultations at Defense Minister Ehud Barak. Recently, officials of defence bodies have come to the conclusion that HAMAS is prepared to maintain truce till spring.

However, Deputy Defence Minister Matan Vilnai warned that Israel should be prepared to implement different scenarios. "One of the key directions of HAMAS terror attacks is to horror the Israeli people," Vilnai stated.

Vilnai named two main dates arousing worry - 18 December, when the ceasefire officially expires, and 9 January, when Mahmoud Abbas's condenses will finish and elections will take place in the autonomy.

HAMAS is expected to accept Egypt's proposals to extend the ceasefire. Israel has principally agreed on Egypt's plan. HAMAS says the reconciliation will last until it is of interest to the Palestinian people. However, the group does not intend to grant peace to Israel in case of the blockade of the Gaza Strip is continued.

The agreement between HAMAS and Israel was signed with Egypt's mediation in June 2008. The agreement envisaged a half-year ceasefire between the two sides with an opportunity to be extended. During his recent visit to Cairo, the chief of the military and political cabinet at the Defence Ministry, reserve Major-General Amos Gilad made it clear to Egyptians that Israel supports the opportunity to extend the reconciliation.

According to Israeli Intelligence Service, HAMAS is not interested in undermining the situation next weeks. On 9 January, the autonomy will elect its new head. Observers believe HAMAS and its partners will not wish to come to the day in the state of war with Israel.