Palestinian People Need Illusive State no Longer:  Head of Hamas Political Bureau

Israel Materials 25 November 2008 13:00 (UTC +04:00)

Haled Mashal, head of political bureau of Palestinian organization HAMAS criticized sharply the statement of Mahmoud Abbas, chairman ofPalestinian national administration (PNA), in accordance of which failure of negotiations between Palestinian factions will result in general elections at early January 2009, Ynet agency said.

"President of Palestinian autonomy (PA) has a right to set presidential elections on 9 January, but he has no the right to set parliamentary elections. Why are these threats on holding of early elections next year if there is no agreement within Palestine? It only demonstrates that they try to achieve the agreement by 9 January," Mashal told special news conference in Damascus.

Mashal also sharply criticized Mahmoud Abbas. "He names himself President of state, which does not exist. Palestinian people do not need illusive any longer; twenty years of illusions are more than enough. Hamas wants realistic state," the Hamas leader said.

If negotiations between Fatah and Hamas are not effective by the end of this year, early parliamentary and presidential elections will be held in Palestinian autonomy at the beginning of 2009, Mahmoud Abbas said.  Earlier, leadership of Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas stated that it refused to recognize legitimateness of Abbas's power after January 2009.

January 2009 will see the fourth year of the appointment of Mahmoud Abbas to the post of the PNA chairman. According to Palestinian laws, it is necessary to hold new elections and Hamas insists on it. Abbas wants to hold elections in 2010, joining them with election in the PA legislative council.