Global rallies to pressure Burma

Other News Materials 7 October 2007 11:21

( BBC ) - Campaigners in 30 cities around the world have staged a series of rallies against the bloody crackdown on anti-government protests in Burma.

The marches began in New Zealand then moved to Asia and Europe, ahead of North America later.

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown met marchers in London and vowed to keep "pressure for change" and push for more EU sanctions against the regime.

The marches come as Western powers at the UN make moves to condemn the junta.

Diplomats have circulated a draft statement at the UN denouncing the "violent repression" of pro-democracy protests.

The US, France and the UK called for immediate dialogue with opposition leaders, while the US suggested it would push for sanctions on Burma.

But China and Russia remain opposed to sanctions, saying the situation in Burma is an internal affair that does not threaten international peace and security.

On Saturday, Mr Brown said that he would push for European Union sanctions as he met Burmese exiles and campaigners at Downing Street as part of the global day of protests:

"I want the EU to impose further sanctions on the regime to make it absolutely clear we will not tolerate the abuses that have taken place," he told the delegation.