Radical car ban across Britain for 2012 Olympics

Other News Materials 23 October 2007 06:57 (UTC +04:00)

(News.com.au) THE organisation charged with developing the infrastructure for the London 2012 Olympics is planning a radical car ban for all of the games's major venues across Britain, the UK's The Times reported overnight.

Citing a preview of the travel plan it had seen, which described the 2012 games as the "country's largest peacetime logistical operation", the paper said that aside from a small number of disabled people, all spectators will be forced to take public transport, walk or use a bicycle.

"We have a very aggressive programme to make it the greenest games in modern times," Olympic Delivery Authority transport director Hugh Sumner told The Times.

"We want to leave both a hard legacy in terms of infrastructure and a living legacy in the way people think about transport and about how they travel to sports and cultural events."

The expected eight million visitors will not be allowed to drive to the games's events in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Cardiff as well as two smaller towns -- Weymouth and Portland.

On the busiest of days during the games, some 800,000 people will converge on the venues, The Times said.

Everyone who books a ticket for any event during the 2012 Olympics will receive a personalised itinerary which will show how to get from their home to the venue itself, and on the day of the event, live travel information will be sent to ticket-holders on their mobile phones.

To boost usage of public transport, all ticket-holders bound for an event in London will receive a travelcard allowing them travel throughout the capital, and those from outside the city will be given discounted train tickets from any station to London.

"We want to accelerate the shift to public transport and cycling that we have seen in London in recent years," Sumner said.

"There will need to be traffic controls around competition venues. We will make it very plain to people that there isn't going to be parking."