Afghan man, two sons die making bomb in home

Other News Materials 11 February 2008 10:55 (UTC +04:00)

(dpa) - An Afghan man and two of his sons died when the bomb they were making detonated prematurely in his house in southern Afghanistan, police said on Monday.

The incident happened in Momand village of Nawa district in southern Helmand province on Saturday night, Mohammad Hussain Andewal, provincial police chief said.

"Mulllah Abdul Wasay Akhund and two of his kids were killed when a bomb that he was fixing exploded prematurely," Andewal said.

The explosion also wounded Mullah Wasay's wife and daughter, who were evacuated to a provincial hospital by Afghan police.

He said that according to Mullah Wasay's wife and daughter, two other men, who were helping Wasay in making the explosives, were also killed, but they were taken away by two vehicles that arrived 30 minutes after the blast.

He said police were deployed to the area to investigate the case.

He said that wounded people had not seen the men before in their house and thus, could not say if they were Afghan or foreign nationals.

Taliban militants, whose government was toppled in the US-led invasion in late 2001, have waged a bloody war against Afghan and international forces in the country.

The militants rely heavily on homemade bombs used in suicide and roadside attacks, tactics that are widely believed to have been copied from Iraqi insurgents.