Towering ad of actor in undies causes concern in Hong Kong

Other News Materials 4 April 2008 08:41 (UTC +04:00)

( dpa ) - A huge 25-storey-high ad showing actor Djimon Hounsou wearing nothing but tight, white Calvin Klein undies has brought complaints in Hong Kong, a news report said Friday.

The advertisement towers over the busy central area and Hong Kong Park stretching almost the entire height of the former Ritz-Carlton hotel.

In the photo African-born Hounsou, who starred in Blood Diamond, strikes a full-length pose in a pair of the famous brand's signature clingy white briefs.

But not everyone in Hong Kong has been impressed with the image, reports the South China Morning Post, with complaints of indecency forcing the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority to instigate an investigation.

On Thursday, the authority ruled the ad was neither indecent nor obscene noting that the star's private parts were hidden by the briefs.

The ad is the largest of similar Calvin Klein advertisements throughout Asia.

Calvin Klein said it had received no complaints, however, Chinese University Journalism professor Annisa Lee told the Post newspaper it highlighted the need for more regulations on outdoor advertisements.

Huge billboard advertisements have become part of the skyline of Hong Kong in recent years with advertisers taking full advantage of the space on the side of high-rise buildings to promote mainly fashion brands.