Malaysian charity home robbed of its cooking utensils

Other News Materials 3 August 2008 07:02 (UTC +04:00)

A Malaysian charity home for mentally- disabled children discovered Saturday morning that it was robbed of all its cooking utensils, a news report said Sunday, the dpa reported.

The robbers were believed to have climbed the home's 1.5m wall to enter the open-air kitchen and taken 15 stainless steel and aluminium cooking pots as well as an electric rice cooker, the Star daily said.

The caretaker of the home, 53-year old Ibrahim Roy Collar Abdullah, said the theft was discovered when one of the six workers was about to prepare breakfast and lunch for the children.

"I panicked because (the children) need a special diet of porridge which had to be prepared early," Ibrahim said, adding that he had to borrow several cooking pots from relatives to prepare the food.

The centre, set up eight years ago in the central state of Malacca, has 35 residents, aged between 5 and 37, who come from poor or broken families.

Estimating the losses amounting to 1,000 ringgit ( 294 dollars), Ibrahim said that a report has been lodged and requested donors wishing to assist to contact him.

This is the second incident of a charity home being robbed. Last Sunday, a charity home in the Selangor state, was robbed of its van by thieves armed with machetes.