Malaysian cops accused of assaulting disabled driver

Other News Materials 3 August 2008 07:23 (UTC +04:00)

A 29-year-old Malaysian lorry driver with a disabled left hand has accused two off-duty policemen of physically assaulting him for allegedly grazing their car with his vehicle, news reports said Sunday.

In the Saturday afternoon incident, Mohamad Azlan Hashim said he was driving a 10-tonne lorry in the central state of Selangor when a car with two men overtook his vehicle and made him stop.

Fearing they were loan sharks, Azlan alleged that, when he refused to obey their instructions to alight from his vehicle, the two men, who identified themselves as police officers, dragged him out after smashing the lorry's windows and assaulted him, the Star daily reported, the dpa reported.

"The car was behind my lorry and I did not even know that I had grazed their vehicle as the vehicle I was driving was very big," said Azlan, who suffered head and arm injuries from the assault.

District police chief Noor Azam Jamaludin has confirmed that both Azlan and one of the accused policemen had lodged reports.