Taiwanese search for info about ghosts during Ghost Month

Other News Materials 10 August 2008 05:00 (UTC +04:00)

Taiwanese are busy searching for information about spirits during Ghost Month, Taiwan press said on Sunday, dpa reported.

Internet searches related to Ghost Month taboos led the hits on Taiwan's search engine Yahoo-Kimo, with the phrase "10 major Ghost Month taboos" in Chinese ranked second most popular as many users looked for information about the most frightening month of the year, the Taipei Times daily and the Central News Agency (CNA) said.

According to tradition, the month - which began August 1 in the western calendar - sees the gates of the underworld open, allowing ghosts to enter the world of mortals. At the end of the month, tradition holds the ghosts return to the underworld and the gates are slammed shut.

Users last week were most interested in the beliefs that bad things may happen to people who give birth, renovate their homes, take trips, go swimming, buy real estate or get a haircut during the month, the reports said.