John McCain in 'hatred' war of words

Other News Materials 12 October 2008 14:12 (UTC +04:00)

Republican presidential candidate John McCain has become embroiled in a war of words with racial undertones after clashing with a civil rights icon, BBC reported.

John Lewis accused Mr McCain's campaign of "sowing hatred" against opponent Barack Obama and said he was reminded of 1960s segregationist George Wallace.

Mr McCain, who recently said Mr Lewis was one of his most admired Americans, called the reference "beyond the pale".

Mr McCain has also tried to cool his supporters' resentment of Mr Obama.

In Minnesota on Friday, Mr McCain defended Mr Obama after some at the town hall meeting labelled him a "terrorist", "an Arab", a "traitor" and a candidate who inspired fear.

The Republican's campaign has also suffered from a legislative probe in Alaska that found his vice-presidential running mate and state governor, Sarah Palin, had abuse her power.

With just over three weeks to go to the election, she has again denied any wrongdoing in the affair.