Sarah Palin draws praise for "SNL" spot

Other News Materials 21 October 2008 06:15 (UTC +04:00)

Actor Alec Baldwin on Monday called Sarah Palin "a good sport" for confronting her comedy double Tina Fey on "Saturday Night Live" -- and the Republican vice-presidential candidate said she'd do it again "in a heartbeat."

After weeks of being lampooned by comedian Fey, Palin's appearance on the late night sketch show gave "Saturday Night Live" its best ratings in 14 years, drawing roughly 14 million viewers, according to early estimates by TV network NBC.

Baldwin, who pretended to mistake Palin for Fey in one sketch, defended the decision to invite her on the program, Reuters reports.

"When you come on a show like that, you are prepared in advance to get worked over. Palin knew that. Palin came on to be a good sport. And she was. She was polite, gracious. (More so than some of the famous actors who come through there, believe me.)" Baldwin wrote in a blog on The Huffington Post.

Palin was a surprise running-mate pick by Republican presidential nominee John McCain and has been a big hit with conservative Christians for her no-nonsense folksy style.

But on "Saturday Night Live," Fey's parodies of Palin in the vice presidential debate and struggling in TV interviews have been a hit with the show's fans on TV and online.

In one of Saturday's sketches Palin, the governor of Alaska, participated in a mock press conference but wouldn't take questions from reporters, and she later pumped her arms to a rap song featuring a moose being shot.

Palin said afterward that she had a great time on the program and told WWOR-TV in New York on Sunday, "I would do that again in a heartbeat."