Irish Prime Minister Cowen: Obama win "a day of hope for the world"

Other News Materials 5 November 2008 12:36 (UTC +04:00)

Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen on Wednesday congratulated Senator Barack Obama on being elected president of the United States, saying Obama's election was "a day of hope for the world", reported dpa.

"Barack Obama's remarkable personal story - allied to his eloquence and his huge political talents - sends a powerful message of hope to America's friends across the world."

"There is a palpable sense of history with the election of the first African-American president.

"On this day, we are all reminded of those who struggled for civil rights in America for so many years, as well as all of those who work for justice and peace around the world today."

Cowen also praised the defeated Republican candidate, who has Scots-Irish heritage, saying "for his immense contribution to American life, great credit is due to Senator John McCain, another long-standing and true friend of Ireland."