Honduras' Micheletti joins anti-Zelaya rally in central Tegucigalpa

Other News Materials 1 July 2009 02:54 (UTC +04:00)

Honduras' post-coup leader, Roberto Micheletti, joined a rally of sympathizers in a public park in Honduras capital Tegucigalpa on Tuesday, a day after anti- government rallies were dispersed by troops with tear gas and shooting, Xinhua reported.

"They told me a few people with leftist intentions would try to scare us, but not the brave men and women of our nation," Micheletti told a crowd that chanted "Democracy! Democracy!" in response. He added that existing general election plans would go ahead on Nov. 29 and that a new president would be sworn in on Jan. 27, 2010.

Micheletti was sworn in as the nation's president on Sunday, just hours after President Manuel Zelaya was seized at the Presidential Palace in the early hours of Sunday morning by armed troops, who forced him to board a plane to Costa Rica.

"Let's hope that this stands as an example that no man or woman who comes to be president can believe he is above the law," Micheletti told a crowd of around 5,000. Micheletti also thanked organizations and people in Honduras who had fought for democracy and against Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez.

Micheletti was followed on stage by Romeo Vazquez, who had been fired from his post as head of the nation's armed forced by Zelaya.


"Our constitution says that all men and women have to submit to the supreme mandate of the law," said Vazquez, who was reinstated by Micheletti. Vazquez and Zelaya had rowed over a non-binding referendum on setting up a assembly to rewrite the nation's constitution, that had been scheduled for Sunday. "We support the legitimately constituted government," Vazquez said.   Two people died, 60 were injured and 270 were arrested on Monday protesting against Micheletti's government. He gave his speech under banners that said "we have armed forces" and "we are part of the people and we have come from across society to defend sovereignty."