How much does German democracy cost?

Other News Materials 22 June 2015 17:31 (UTC +04:00)
One has repeatedly had an occasion to see the attempts of the West to present dictatorship as an example of “democracy” and democracy as an example of “dictatorship” under the guise of democracy.
How much does German democracy cost?

Baku, Azerbaijan, June 22


One has repeatedly had an occasion to see the attempts of the West to present dictatorship as an example of "democracy" and democracy as an example of "dictatorship" under the guise of democracy.

For example, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood (transnational Islamist organization founded in Egypt) Mohamed Morsi, elected as the president of Egypt by public voting, was overthrown in a military coup supported by the West. No matter how ironic it would seem, but this coup was recognized by Western countries.

Germany, one of the "heralds of democracy" in Europe, by its policy has once again proved that the concept of "justice" for this country is its own interests and business only. A good example of this fact was the arrest of the well-known reporter Ahmed Mansour with the Al-Jazeera Qatar-based broadcaster's Arabic service in Berlin airport on the appeal of the Egyptian leadership.

Earlier, he was sentenced by Cairo Criminal Court in absentia to 15 years in prison for allegedly torturing a lawyer in Tahrir Square at the height of protests against former President Hosni Mubarak in 2011. In October 2014, Interpol rejected the demand of the Egyptian authorities to issue an international warrant for the arrest of Mansour.

One should pay particular attention to the following point: Mansour, not being wanted by Interpol, was arrested by German law enforcement agencies in Berlin. The question arises - what is the reason for such persistence of the German police? To answer this question, it is necessary to go back to the events of two weeks ago.

Mansour's arrest occurred two weeks after the official visit of Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi to Germany at the invitation of Chancellor Angela Merkel. Meetings with Merkel and other representatives of the German authorities took place within the framework of the visit, a number of issues were being discussed and, in particular, an agreement on the implementation of projects in Egypt by Siemens (global powerhouse focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization) worth $8 billion was reached.

Thus, Germany has significant economic interests in Egypt. Experts believe that the arrest of the reporter is a kind of contribution of Germany in cooperation with the Egyptian authorities.

Another interesting point should be stressed here. If we refer to the norms proclaimed by Germany itself, al-Sissi came to power through a coup. Therefore, he is not considered a legitimate president. Through the prism of the Germans, the power of al-Sissi is contrary to democratic standards, human rights and freedoms.

Moreover, hundreds of Egyptian citizens were sentenced to death following the state coup. It is worth stressing that the leading Western media and NGOs disregarded the verdict made by a Cairo court during one day in respect of more than 500 members among the Muslim Brotherhood movement. The death sentence was imposed also in respect of Mohammed Morsi, Egypt's ousted president.

One involuntarily recalls the words of the theologian who signed the death verdict of famous Azerbaijani poet Nasimi.

"This man has been cursed," he said. "If a drop of his blood drops anywhere, then it is necessary to cut off this part and throw it away."

"A drop of the poet's blood dropped on the finger of the theologian," the narration says. "When people demanded to cut off his finger, he said that his words are an allegory."

At present, the government, headed by Merkel, is instead of this theologian who ought to cut off his finger. At other times, the Western countries and politicians demonstrate a strong stand against various countries, trying to manipulate such concepts as "human rights" and "democracy."

Why do the German government and its chancellor Angela Merkel diminish the values ​​of democracy and human rights now? Why are they so contemptuous towards their proclaimed principles? Why do they raise the questions of "human rights" and "democracy" when it is beneficial for them? Why do they forget about everything when it is not beneficial?

The reason is that own interests of these Western countries and politicians are above all. For this purpose they are always ready to crush their proclaimed values. But Angela Merkel will have to answer the difficult question of the voters: "Why did you sell our democracy?".

The analysis has been prepared specially for Trend.