Russian Political Analysts Comments on Events in Estonia

Russian Political Analysts Comments on Events in   Estonia

Russia, Moscow/ Trend , corr R. Aghayev/ Soyun Sadykov, the President of the Federal National and Cultural Autonomy of Azerbaijanis of Russia "AzerRos", Deputy of the Director of the Department for International Relations of the Russian Regional Development Ministry, a political analyst, Grigoriy Trofimchuk, the Advisor of the Committee for Defence of the Russian Duma, and a participant of the Military Parade held on the Red Square in Moscow in 1941, Veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Lev Glukhman gave their exclusive comments to Trend Agency concerning events known to be happening in Estonia.

The President of the Federal National and Cultural Autonomy of Azerbaijanis of Russia "AzerRos", Deputy of the Director of the Department for International Relations of the Russian Regional Development Ministry, Soyun Sadykov:

- One cannot evaluate the existing situation in Estonia unambiguously. I think that this issue does not only refer to Russian-Estonian relations. It should be considered much deeper than it may seem. I do not rule out considering it in the context of NATO's expansion to the East, particularly in the perspective of Russian-NATO relations.

From the very beginning, when Estonia's Parliament passed "Bill on Protection of Military Burials" which envisaged the removal of the remaining soldiers of the Red Army, fighting for Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the Federal National and Cultural Autonomy of Azerbaijanis of Russia "AzerRos", I led the writing of a collective letter and sent it to the President and Parliament of Estonia, as well as to Russian President, Vladimir Putin about the inadmissibility of exhumation and reburying of soldiers and liberators.

The Estonian Parliament made a fault. I have changed my opinion of this country being developed and civilized.

Let us cite the facts. Taking into consideration the explanation, which is not subjected and cannot be explained by logic and common sense, about the alleged "inappropriate and inconvenient places" of the burial of the Soviet soldiers/liberators, then the following question arises: Who had previously prohibited the City Administration of the Estonian capital of Tallinn of putting a fence around the Monument, which stood nearby a bus station, to keep it out of threat and to be trampled down by city transport passengers?

Furthermore, the policy pursued by the Estonian Authorities remains difficult to be understood - to vent their anger towards the Soviet regime on the remainders of the Soviet soldiers, who died fighting for the liberation of this land from Fascists and Nazis, when they passed away 60 years ago! Soviet soldiers died on Estonian land, protecting it from the black plague of Fascism. Estonia cannot have any claims to Russia, which do not bear responsibility for the Bolshevistic regime and policy of "Sovetization", since Russia itself has suffered from numerous repressions taken against the best representatives of its nation. Russia has been an independent state for over 15 years, like Estonia, therefore they do not have any claims to Russia.

Recently, Russia has been developing greatly. The country is expanding its richest energy potential, which will not please some European powers, and not only European ones, which do not want to acknowledge the energy base's capability to compete. These third forces focus on the little states, which are ready to provoke Anti-Russian moods. The ultimate goal of these actions is to force Russia to take respondent action towards little Estonia, and find a new cause to trumpet to the international community about the "Empire ambitions of Russia", which "breaks the international law", and so on. Having disrespected the memory of the dead, Estonia cannot be called a democratic state. By taking its present day actions, the Estonian Parliament has insulted the feelings and memory of not only the present day Russians, but also the entire humanity.

Therefore, I can fully back the active actions being taken by the Russian community protesting against the actions of the Estonian Authorities.

But Russia, as usual, has been late to respond to the decision made by the Estonian Parliament. Russia should have insisted on imposing international sanctions against those countries, which do not fulfill the "International Provisions on Inadmissibility on Removal and Protection of Military Burials", which sharply define the importance of monuments, and memorials to soldiers-liberators, which are all over the World.

In its part, Russia, including all CIS countries, should break off all diplomatic relations with this country, as well as imposing economic sanctions on Estonia until they admit their mistake and return the monument to its rightful place.

The Deputy of the Director of the Department for International Relations of the Russian Regional Development Ministry, a political analyst, Grigoriy Trofimchuk:

- First of all, it is necessary to mention that all of is presently happening in Estonia is the heritage of "Grandpa Yeltsin". This is the direct sequence and results of his policy carried out towards Baltic states, if this figure had ever had any sensible policy. Yeltsin is dead, but Russia will suffer torment for a long time.

The issue with the Monument to Soviet Soldiers-Liberators is actually just a cause. It is a serious, very good in a political-technological way, which has been perfectly formed and staged by that party. Our Russian "political analysts" and so-called analysts, as usual, could not find an antidote for it on time. I would like to once more repeat that all too often we have to repeat the following: it is high time to fully change political, scientific and expert strata in Russia, otherwise Russia will soon disappear.

It goes without saying that Russians and Russian-speaking half-citizens of this country are taking part in the disorder in the streets of Tallinn. But their actions are just a cause, a perfect political umbrella for the extremists hired for this plan, who could disorder and loot the Estonian Capital under their banners absolutely independently. It is evident that the ultimate goal of all this is to hammer in all the windows of Russia, which are open to Europe, as well as lay an E.U. effective sanitary cordon from the Baltic States to close Russia from Europe.

Russia is behaving as a child in this situation, who seems to purposely worsens his dramatic situation even if to not to take into consideration the Estonian events. Russian TV has recently broadcast a film "Stalin. Live", which was lambasted in vain, since the movie was full of robust and wise ideas. One of the thoughts which were in this movie was related to our issue.

Even when he was a junior, Stalin could perfectly adopt one common idea: if you cannot revenge immediately, you should not cry out and fix muscles in vain - collect and save your strength, wait for an appropriate moment to avenge and you will certainly win. By its threats, which Russia cannot presently put into life, it is, unfortunately, rapidly losing its political weight and international authority. We should have taken action immediately: you have said, and you will realize it in five minutes. However, it would have been better as the following: you have said nothing, but you will immediately, but silently realize your concealed threat (whether it would be an economic or political, it is not so important). Only then everybody will respect you, being afraid of your guaranteed and unexpected response.

They will further dismantle and demolish monuments to our soldiers not only in Estonia, and not only demolitions. There are a lot of lucid minds, bright intellects, who are professional propagandists, and who will virtually for no reason at all and without finances generate absolutely free, but simultaneously very efficient Anti-Russian geopolitical projects. The Kremlin must immediately put finances into intellectually mobile, operative, and compact groups of such specialists, but not spend its last money on senseless and useless "patriotic youth projects", which cannot solve anything at all.

A participant of the Military Parade held on the Red Square in Moscow in 1941, Veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Lev Glukhman:

- In September 1994, in the Tallinn direction, the German Fascist Army fell back from the territories they occupied as far back as in 1941. As a result of the military operation on liberation the Baltic countries from the German occupation, the Soviet Red Army could clear the territory of Estonia out of Nazis by the end of September 1944

I am deeply insulted and disgraced in my best feelings, memories, and recollections about my dead front-line comrades, who shed their blood for a better future of the present-day generation. They have saved us from German Nazis, but we could not save them from someone's profaning their memory. This is a spit on our victory! We must not allow anybody to violate the sacred and ought to remember that "NO ONE HAS BEEN FORGOTTEN AND NOTHING HAS BEEN FORGOTTEN!"

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