President of Azerbaijan Sends Congratulatory Letter to Participants of Conference on International Day of Tolerance

Politics Materials 16 November 2007 20:54 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku / Trend / The President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, sent a congratulatory letter to the participants of the Conference on International Day of Tolerance.

"Our Country located on the Great Silk Road, can, indeed, feel proud that through history has erected temples to the heavenly religions and established unique tolerant environment for the people worshiping them. The independent Republic of Azerbaijan, in the conditions of globalization, thanks to restoration of the Silk Road, in the frame of large-scale projects and by creation of energy, transport and information corridors, has provided revival and preservation of the tolerance traditions. The International Day of Tolerance established by the United Nations and the adopted "Declaration of Tolerance Principles" is in harmony with both of our country's historical traditions and the current environment. Establishment of tolerance on the moral, political and legal planes, demands realization of strategic programs in education, culture, generally, in numerous fields of the life of society. Just from this standpoint, discussion of the tolerance problems in this conference by representatives of all religious communities of Azerbaijan is noteworthy. Mutual respect, constructive cooperation shown by representatives of numerous confessions, as well as the works done in appropriation of the universal spiritual values are highly appreciated in our country, and this, from the point of view of tolerance, enables to consider Azerbaijan an example for many countries. Today, supporters of the concept of confrontation of the civilizations can benefit of the experience of Azerbaijan as a country rich with tolerance traditions and which is the bridge between the East and West," President Aliyev stated in his letter.