Support from Turkic States Crucial for Northern Cyprus – President ( Video )

Politics Materials 17 November 2007 15:02 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku / Тrend corr S. Ilhamgizi, E. Huseynli / The President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Mehmet Ali Talet asked Turkic states for support. "Unfortunately, the world community treats the problem of Cyprian Turks the same way as the Nagorno-Karabakh problem," the President said at the 11th meeting of the Turkic countries in Baku on 17 November.

The 11th conference of friendship, fraternity and cooperation of the Turkic nations and societies began in Baku on 17 November. The meeting brings together nearly 550 delegates from 30 countries, including the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, Prime Minister of Turkey Rajab Tayyip Erdogan, and high-ranking governmental representatives of the Turkic-speaking states.

The Congress is aimed at strengthening friendly, fraternal and co-operation relations amongst the Turkic countries and communities, ensuring information exchange amongst them, propagating richness of the Turkic culture, developing bilateral economic co-operation and seeking joint ways of resolving the general problems of the Turkic peoples.

Turks invite foreign officials to Northern Cyprus, but Greeks oppose that and even resort to blackmailing. Support from Turkic countries is crucial for Northern Cyprus, Mehmet Ali Talet said. "We want only our rights. We have no intension to infringe others' rights, but also will not allow infringing ours."

In 1960, Greeks and Turks in Cyprus established a government on parity basis. In 1963, Greeks levied war for complete dominance over the island and put an end to joint government. An attempt to unite Cyprus with Greece was made in 1974, but was prevented by Turkey.