Taliban Rebels Demand Afghan National Unity Program’s Funds

Politics Materials 5 September 2008 18:03 (UTC +04:00)

Afghanistan, Kabul, 5 September / Trend corr. A.Hakimi /According to the information from the Keshk city in Herat province, the Taliban rebels demand the funds of the National Unity program from city elders via telephone, letters and ultimatum statements. In some towns rebels take 1/10 of the harvest.

Muhammad Sadigi, Chairman of the Great Development Department and executor of the National Unity Program, said that he had no information of such actions of the Taliban rebels. However, Danyeshir, Assistant Head of the Great based City Administration, said that he received several claims from population on the issue.

Rebels threat to girls in the region in order to prevent them to attend their classes. People feel fear and dod not send their daughters to schools.

Population is concerned with overgrowing control of Taliban rebels over the Kesk city.

However, Head of the Keshk based city administration rejects the information, despite the rebels stole his car several days ago.

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