Moscow Staff Prevent Deportation of Azerbaijanis from Russia

Society Materials 30 January 2007 18:44

Up to date, we prevented the deportation of 30-40 Azerbaijani citizens, who were detained by Russian law enforcement bodies and could face the deportation from Russia, said Azer Aliyev, a lawyer of the staff founded in Moscow by the Azerbaijan State Committee for Affairs with Azerbaijanis Living Abroad after the new migration bill on migration had been passed in Russia, Trend reports.

He said that up to date, due to troubles linked with the registration in Russia, the staff have received 500 appeals. The requirements of the new Russian bill, as well as necessary procedures to obtain the registration are explained to Azerbaijanis. According to Mr. Aliyev, our compatriots faced no serious troubles yet. However, there have been facts on deportation, since not every Azerbaijani live legally in Russial. It is difficult to sound any statistics, concrete figures or facts on the deportation. But our staff is getting in touch with Russian police stations, and we have already rendered necessary aid to 30-40 our compatriots. The State Committee is closely cooperating with us. The passports are also available in the Azerbaijan Embassy to Russia, said Mr. Aliyev.