Floods in Serbia: 51 dead, 4 still missing

Photo: Floods in Serbia: 51 dead, 4 still missing / Other News

Serbia's Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said on Thursday the floods in Serbia had claimed 25 lives. Autopsies have determined that 24 people drowned, including firefighter Dejan Lazarevic, Vucic told the members of the parliament, InSerbia reported.

One person died in a landslide and another 26 who lost their lives in the flooded areas died of natural causes. Four more people are still missing, but 8 percent of the territory of Obrenovac, a Belgrade municipality that suffered the most from last week's floods in the country, remains under water, he noted. A total of 809 people were reported missing, including 18 who died, he explained, adding that four people have not been found. The prime minister read the names of all those who died during the floods, along with personal information and locations of their deaths. He also read the names of the missing persons, adding that the search for them was still ongoing and that they were not necessarily dead.

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