Uzbek state budget surplus falls in 2013

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Tashkent, Uzbekistan, April 21
By Demir Azizov- Trend:

Uzbek state budget revenues amounted to 26.223 trillion soums, and expenditures
of about 25.826 trillion soums. The budget surplus amounted to 397.1 billion soums.

The state budget revenues amounted to about 21. 296 trillion soums in 2012, the expenditures - 20.882 trillion soums, and the surplus - 413.6 billion soums, according to the report of the country's finance ministry.

Thus, budget revenues in local currency increased by 23.1 percent in 2013, expenditures - 23.7 percent and budget surplus decreased by 4 percent.

In total, the revenue receipts from direct taxes amounted to 6.354 trillion soums, or 24.3 percent of total revenue last year, indirect taxes generated 13.399 trillion soums (50.9 percent) revenue to the state budget, resource payments and property tax - 3.888 trillion soums (14.9 percent), undifferentiated other income - 2.583 trillion soums (9.9 percent).

The expenditures for social services and social support of population in the expenditure part out of total expenditures accounted for 15.147 trillion soums or 72.5 percent. Most of these funds were directed to the development of education and health care - 8,803 trillion and 3.71 trillion soums respectively.

The expenditures for the economy from the state budget funds amounted to 2.75 trillion soums (13.1 percent of total expenditure) in 2013, for financing centralized investments - 1.44 trillion soums (6.9 percent), the maintenance of public authorities, and court administration and self-government bodies - 1.15 trillion soums (5.5 percent), undifferentiated other expenses amounted 5.333 trillion soums (25.5 percent).

As reported earlier, the Uzbek state budget was approved by the Parliament for 2013 with the revenue part in the amount of $ 25.1 trillion soums (21.3 percent of GDP), expenditure - 26.3 trillion soums (22.3 percent of GDP) and a deficit of 1.2 trillion soums (one percent of forecasted GDP).
The official exchange rate on April 18 is 2272.02 soums / $ 1.

Translated by S.I.
Edited by C.N.

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