FM: Iran-G5+1 nuclear deal possible in six months

Photo: FM: Iran-G5+1 nuclear deal possible in six months / Nuclear Program

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Monday a final deal with the world powers on Tehranˈs nuclear program is possible within six months if there is good will, IRNA reported.

Zarif said that he is not worried about the US Congress efforts to impose new sanctions on Iran.

US President Barack Obama used his State of the Union address last week to veto any legislation that threatens the talks with Iran. US senators including some of Obamaˈs Democrats have co-sponsored a bill that would impose new restrictions on Iran if talks on a permanent accord falter.

But Iran has warned that it will walk away from negotiations, if the bill becomes law. It is now stalled in the Senate.

With good will we can reach an agreement within six months,ˈhe said in a speech to the German Council on Foreign Relations. ˈI donˈt fear a decision in the US Congress ... The US president has promised to veto it.

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