Azerbaijan to force Armenia into peace and stability - Deputy Director of Trend News Agency

Politics Materials 7 October 2022 17:27 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijan to force Armenia into peace and stability - Deputy Director of Trend News Agency

BAKU, Azerbaijan, October 7. Azerbaijan continues to win both on the battlefield and on the diplomatic arena and thanks to the decisive political will of the Victorious Supreme Commander-in-Chief President Ilham Aliyev, Armenia will soon be forced into peace, and long-term stability will be achieved in the region, Trend reports.

Trend News Agency's Deputy Director, political expert Sahil Karimli made this remark, commenting on President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev's meeting in Prague.

He noted that during the discussion, as always, the national interests of Azerbaijan was reliably protected.

"The main issue is that despite the serious efforts of the circles constantly defending Armenia, as a result of the great integrity of President Ilham Aliyev, significant progress has been made in protecting the interests of Azerbaijan's statehood and on the path to achieving stability. Such moments as the recognition of Azerbaijan's territorial integrity by Armenia, advancement in the issue of defining borders, as well as recognition by the whole world that issues related to Karabakh are an internal matter of Azerbaijan, explaining the inadmissibility of external interference in this issue. I believe that these and other results are a unique achievement of the Azerbaijani state," Karimli said.

He added that the main goal of Azerbaijan is to force Armenia to peace thereby initiating a completely new stage of development in the South Caucasus region.

"New reality created by President Ilham Aliyev is accepted and supported by the whole world. Because the main goal is to give impetus to economic development by establishing peace and security in the region, to create conditions for more efficient use of energy, transport and communication capabilities of Azerbaijan," Karimli explained.

"This is a benevolent and pragmatic policy Azerbaijan, undoubtedly, attracts the attention of international circles and is highly valued. The military-political leadership of Armenia, which has been unconstructive over the past two years, is also forced to accept this reality," he informed

Karimli added that speaking at the meetings held in Prague, it's necessary to emphasize the growing authority of President Ilham Aliyev in Europe.

"Today not only Europe, but the whole world respects and trusts President Ilham Aliyev and, through him, the Azerbaijani state. Azerbaijan's invaluable contribution to energy security in the world, and the fact that the country is a reliable partner in all areas also contribute to this," he stated.

"Azerbaijan witnessed the warm attitude of European leaders to President Ilham Aliyev both at the meetings held a few days ago in Bulgaria and yesterday in the Czech Republic. All these factors show that the Azerbaijani state will continue to confidently move towards its goals, and, as the Head of state has repeatedly stressed, Azerbaijan always achieve our goal," Karimli said.