Applications for Entrance Exams to be Admitted through Internet in Azerbaijan

Society Materials 8 February 2008 17:45 (UTC +04:00)
Applications for Entrance Exams to be Admitted through Internet in   Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, Baku, 8 February / Trend corr. J.Babayeva / Beginning from the new educational year, the applications by matriculants to the Universities and vocational schools will be admitted only through Internet, Maleyka Abbaszadeh, the chairman of State Commission on Student Admission, stated in Baku on 8 February.

The matriculants have to mark only a group of specialties, but not the specialties as it was earlier. "Specialties will be added to the applicants, after the announcement of test results," she said.

The entrance exams for four groups of specialties have been held in Azerbaijan. The first group includes mathematics, physics, engineering, as well as design and architecture; second group - economy, management, sociology and geography; third group - humanitarian subjects, international relations, psychology, pedagogy, art and music and fourth group - medicine, chemistry, biology and sport specialties which demand special skills.

The Internal Ministry provides check of the information about matriculants during the exams. "The Ministry has provided the matriculants of 3,900 schools with computers and internet and they can now easily submit applications through internet," Abbaszadeh said.

According to Abbaszadeh, the Communication and IT Ministry is prepared to provide region and village matriculants with the Internet facilities.

The application admission starts in March. The test questions will be published on the web site of the State Commission.

The final results of the exams will be announced a day after the exams. "Specialties will be published by State Commission after the approval by the Cabinet of Ministers," Abbaszadeh stated.