Ukraine’s president urges housing and communal reform

Other News Materials 19 March 2007 16:47

( ForUm ) - Victor Yushchenko has insisted that housing and communal reform must be introduced in Ukraine "more intensively" speech to offer his best wishes to those working in public utilitiesand celebrating their professional holiday today, President's press office informs.

The President believes the central government and local governments should work together to introduce these reforms. His decree based on proposals by the National Security and Defense Council outlines changes needed in the sector. The government has taken its first steps to change the situation, he said.He, however, complained that "no progressive ideas or measures have been seen in this area so far. For example, nothing has been done as far as energy efficient technologies are concerned..."

Yushchenko said housing and utility reform should remain one of the most important objectives of the government and local authorities.

"Interests of our people, their comfortable and safe life depend on this," he said, adding that he was going to hold a special meeting involving ministers and governors to tackle the issue.