Ahmadinejad: If timely used, nuclear technology can cure many diseases

Photo: Ahmadinejad: If timely used, nuclear technology can cure many diseases / Iran

Azerbaijan, Baku, April 9 /Trend S.Isayev/

If timely used, the nuclear technology can cure many diseases, Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said during his speech timed to the day of National Nuclear Technology in Iran, IRINN reported.

"The nuclear technology could be very useful to specific types of diseases, if it is used properly and on time," the president said.

Ahmadinejad added that the nuclear technology could be used in many spheres, including agriculture sector, engineering, health sector and more.

"We use nuclear technology in refining industry, and it has been very helpful," Ahmadinejad noted. "I expect my colleagues at the Atomic Agency to continue using nuclear technology, and improve the life of people."

As part of marking the National Nuclear Technology Day, "Saghand" uranium mining complex, and "Rezaei Nejad" uranium oxide producing complex were opened in the country.

Ahmadinejad further spoke on Iran's uranium, noting that uranium is one of those materials that ar hard to get.

"It is hard to extract. In each ton of uranium, you can extract less than a half of kilo of yellow cake," the president said. "A lot of material has to be extracted, then processed through different stages. It's a tough job."

The president added that Iran depends on country's own experts in the nuclear technology field, all across the country.

"In the past we were dependant on other countries. The nuclear sphere is politically monopolized by some countries, and the principle of nuclear power is monopolized as well," Ahmadinejad said. "Thus now we rely on our own experts."

Ahmadinejad underscored that currently all of Iran's nuclear work is under country's complete control.

"We started from square one, and we're going step by step. I extend my congratulations to those, who are making efforts in the country's nuclear sector," the president underscored.

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