Qaeda says kills 'spies' for aiding U.S. drone strikes in Yemen

Photo: Qaeda says kills 'spies' for aiding U.S. drone strikes in Yemen / Arab World

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) said it had executed four men accused of planting electronic chips in vehicles to help U.S. drones track insurgents in Yemen, in a video posted on a Yemeni news website and seen by Reuters on Monday.

The 28-minute video showed what AQAP said were four spies confessing that they had planted devices in vehicles which resulted in the deaths of AQAP fighters two years ago in the southern Shabwa province. It said the men were later executed.

A man identified as AQAP security official Abu Islam al-Muhajir said the group had uncovered "several spies who give them (drones) direction on the ground by putting chips in the cars of the mujahideen (fighters)".

The authenticity of the video could not be immediately verified.

Supporters say the move will reduce the risk of Islamic radicalisation of petty offenders while in jail and alleviate the strain on France's overcrowded prisons. Right-wing critics have said it shows the government is weak on crime.

Nemmouche's police custody could be extended up to Thursday of this week. At that point, French authorities will either have to charge or release him. Belgium has requested his extradition.

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