Azerbaijani president named “Person of the year 2013” by National Hero Chingiz Mustafayev Foundation and ANS Group of Companies (PHOTO)

Baku, Azerbaijan, Jan.17

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has been awarded with the "Person of the year 2013" prize by the National Hero Chingiz Mustafayev Foundation and ANS Group of Companies.

The Head of State thanked for the high award and noted that he will try to develop the country with his activity even further.

The President reminded that the ANS was the first independent TV channel in the country, and stressed its key role in expanding the independent journalism in Azerbaijan, saying "Your assessment inspires me even more."

Vice-President of the ANS Group of Companies Mirshahin Aghayev noted that patriotism and service to the Azerbaijani people are behind the idea of the award presented since 2001.

President of the ANS Group of Companies, member of Board of Directors of the National Hero Chingiz Mustafayev Foundation Vahid Mustafayev noted that President Ilham Aliyev was awarded the "Person of the year 2013" for winning the confidence of the people and re-election as the President of Azerbaijan, elevating the country's influence, as a president of the UN Security Council, to the level, which opens the way for the country to impact the ongoing processes, including Azerbaijan into the list of space-faring nations, keeping the economic development rate of the country, successful implementation of the "Shah Deniz-2", Trans-Adriatic, and Trans-Anatolia projects, managing to secure visa liberalization with the European Union member states and for pursing a consistent policy in the region.

President Ilham Aliyev noted that the money prize would be transferred to the Armed Forces Fund, and the watch which was handed over to him would be kept in the museum.

The Head of State said the year 2013 was really successful, noting that the ASAN Service which helped to combat the corruption in the country was established in the beginning of the year.

The President noted that signing the Shah Deniz 2 Final Investment Decision which would ensure the country's political and economic interests, marked the end of the year on a good note.

The Head of State also stressed the launch of the country's first satellite"Azerspace-1" as one of the important events of the year, and praised Azerbaijani experts` handling the satellite on their own.

Among the most unforgettable events of the year, the Head of State highlighted the organization of the World Economic Forum (Davos) in Azerbaijan, the country's leading the Europe for the economic development rate, social reforms carried out in the country, full repayment of the Soviet era deposits with the biggest coefficient in the CIS region, implementation of the more serious education, military and social reforms.

President Ilham Aliyev also went on to say that Azerbaijan`s stance was based on justice and the country enjoyed rising global prestige during its UN Security Council Presidency.

The Head of State spoke of the important role of media in people's lives and underlined the existence of all freedoms in Azerbaijan.

The Azerbaijani Leader noted that ANS television would continue to contribute to the independent journalism down the road.

The Head of State expressed confidence that the year 2014 also would be successful for Azerbaijan.

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