Third parties fail to spoil relations between Iran, Azerbaijan, ambassador says

Photo: Third parties fail to spoil relations between Iran, Azerbaijan, ambassador says
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Baku, Azerbaijan, June 5


The ties between Tehran and Baku are at a high level, and they have a bright future, Iran's Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Mohsen Pak Ayeen told reporters on June 5.

The ambassador pointed out the failure of third parties' attempts to spoil relations between the two countries, and said the leaders of both countries are aware of this and wisely retain mutual relations.

"Our criteria for friendship with other countries are based not on the political views of various state and non-state structures, but on the will of people. We believe that the strengthening of relations with Azerbaijan is the desire of both peoples," Pak Ayeen added.

He said the Iranian and Azerbaijani peoples share deep common cultural roots and it is impossible imagine two peoples so close to each other.

The ambassador went on to add that over one million Azerbaijani citizens annually visit Iran, and this helps to promote truth about Iran and address the influence of various nationalist groups' agitations.

Pak Ayeen said that the Azerbaijani national leader Heydar Aliyev's policy was based on the friendship with Iran, and today Azerbaijan continues this policy.

Iranian leadership's policy also seeks to expand relations with Azerbaijan, and the implementation of economic plans associated with this, will give its benefits.

"In the future we will witness even more development in relations between the two countries," the ambassador stressed.

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