AzMeCo takes part in “CTE 2013” International Exhibition (PHOTO)

Business Materials 21 November 2013 13:13 (UTC +04:00)

"Caspian: Technologies for Environment" (CTE 2013) International Exhibition started in Baku Expo Centre. AzMeCo - the owner of the first methanol plant in the region also takes part at this 4th International Environmental Exhibition.

In the company's stand, reflecting the company's focus on the environment and ecology, visitors were informed about AzMeCo methanol project, methanol economy and favorable characteristics and energetic advantages of the product produced in the methanol plant. AzMeCo methanol plant, located in Garadagh district, was put into operation in the middle of this year after the construction of the company had completed.

Methanol production is considered to be one of the most promising areas in the world economy. The latest modern technology and advanced equipments have been involved in

methanol production in AzMeCo. Methanol is used in the production of such products as

paints, glues, aerosols, varnishes, CD-DVD-disks,etc. used in our daily life. These useful and important features of methanol have been the basis for the idea of the construction of the methanol plant in Azerbaijan.

The production of methanol from natural gas is currently one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly technological processes. Methanol also plays a very important role in modern life as a chemical raw material. Methanol fuel vehicles produce less amount of carbonic acid gas, a lot less carbohydrates and much less NOx compounds in comparison with petrol counterparts.

AzMeCo Greenhouse division, which is represented at AzMeCo stand, has prepared AzmECO Park project. AzmECO Park, which will be located near AzMeCo plant, is being planned to be the largest park in the country. This division creates interesting and ecologically based landscape design projects. The landscape architect of the company, Mr. Fikret Shimshek said about this project: "AzmECO Park is a unique project. In this park we will offer all necessary facilities for people so that they would be able not only to have a rest, but also to get information about ecology, the protection of environment, soil and nature. There will be a gardeners school, animation centre for students and the areas to grow ornamental plants in the park. Furthermore, there will be a botanical garden with endemic species of plants of Azerbaijan."

AzMeCo is a dynamically developing company founded in 2007 in Azerbaijan to invest in petrochemical projects as the owner and operator. AzMeCo is a completely private company leading in the sphere of development, implementation and financing of major projects in Azerbaijan.

Annual production capacity of the methanol plant is 720 thousand tons. Methanol plants are considered the most environmentally friendly and safe productions in the chemical industry. The total cost of this unique project is 350 million manats.

Source : www.azmeco.com