Azerbaijan raises electricity and gas prices

Oil&Gas Materials 16 October 2021 14:54 (UTC +04:00)

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BAKU, Azerbaijan, Oct.16


Azerbaijan’s Tariff (Price) Council has amended its decision "On regulation of domestic electricity tariffs" at its new meeting held on Oct.16, Trend reports referring to the council.

In accordance with the amendments, the existing differentiation of tariffs for the population was changed (up to 300 and more than 300 kWh).

Tariffs for the population are set at eight qapiks per 1 kWh for consumption up to 200 kWh, nine qapiks / kWh for consumption from 200 kWh to 300 kWh (including 300 kWh), and 13 qapiks / kWh for consumption over 300 kWh.

In addition, tariffs for consumption of up to 1,200 cubic meters of gas per year have been increased from 10 to 12 qapiks.

The monthly gas consumption in the consumer basket per capita is set at 21 cubic meters. Considering that the average family consists of four people, this means consumption of about 1,000 cubic meters of gas per year. The direct impact of the new tariffs on the monthly consumer basket of a family of four when paying for consumed gas will amount to 1.72 manats ($1.01).