Armenian ombudsman says judiciary illegally charges citizens

Photo: Armenian ombudsman says judiciary illegally charges citizens
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Armenia's Judicial Department demands Armenians to pay for copies of some documents, whereas the law envisages no state due for providing them, Armenia Today reported citing a message from Armenian Ombudsman's Office.

The ombudsman's office said that according to the law 'On the State Duty', the payment is required only for fees for judicial documents, documents attached to the claim and for audio recordings of the trials.

In cases other than this, demanding a payment of state due is not envisaged by the law and contradicts it.

Many citizens of Armenia have appealed to the ombudsman with regard to the violation of the above mentioned provision of the law.

For instance, an Armenian citizen was demanded to pay 48,200 drams (about $116), while in some other cases, people were required to pay even greater amount.

In this regard, the Armenian Ombudsman Karen Andreasyan has adopted a resolution on human rights violations, which presents all the legal justification in details.

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