Kosovo’s unilaterally proclaimed independence causes domino effect

Politics Materials 28 August 2008 16:17 (UTC +04:00)
Kosovo’s unilaterally proclaimed independence causes domino effect

Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic said that the recognition of Kosovo's unilaterally proclaimed independence has caused a domino effect, adding that in the case of Russia's recognition of Aphasia and Southern Ossetia Serbia will act in its own best interest, according to the Serbia government web site.

In an interview for today's edition of the Politika daily, which will be published in full on August 31, Cvetkovic said that the Serbian government's stance on Kosovo-Metohija is well-known and unaltered.

We had warned that Kosovo recognition may cause a domino effect. Unfortunately, this is taking place now, said Cvetkovic.

Asked how Russia's recognition of two Georgian provinces will reflect on Serbia's situation, he stressed that the situation is being monitored and added Serbia will take steps in its own best interest.

We do not expect this new development to have a negative effect on us, he added.

Asked whether Serbia's principled advocation of the respect of territorial integrity and sovereignty of states may affect Russia's support to Serbia in the fight for Kosovo-Metohija, the Prime Minister replied that Russia will maintain its stance.

As for UNMIK reconfiguration, he said that Serbia's official stance is that the arrival of the EULEX mission without a proper UN resolution and Serbia's consent is unacceptable.

Our people live in Kosovo, we expect more of them to return there and we therefore must improve the life in the province for all citizens for whom we are responsible, he noted and added that this is why Serbia must take part in UNMIK reconfiguration, that is, the deployment of EULEX.

We have not been included in the EULEX deployment enough so far. We had some technical contacts, but we would like to emphasise that we want to participate in that. And not only that, we want to make sure that everything we agree on is formulated in a resolution and confirmed by the Security Council, said Cvetkovic.

He announced that the Serbian government will keep insisting that the EULEX is not stationed in the province without a decision by the UN Security Council.

He said that Serbia's EU entry has never been conditioned by its recognition of Kosovo.

The Serbian government stance is that in case it comes to that, we will choose Kosovo. We will not abandon Kosovo. That is our message, stressed the Prime Minister.