Azerbaijan Government Expects a Feasibility Study on Project on Construction of a Garbage-Processing Plant from a Japan Company

Business Materials 11 January 2007 19:57

Japan EBARA is expected to submit a feasibility study on the project of construction a garbage-processing plant in the country. Trend has been told in the Cabinet of Ministers of the Country, that the document should be elaborated with taking into consideration recommendations put forward by the Azerbaijani Government.

The proposals put forward by EBARA includes disseminating the existing polygons, as well as collecting and utilizing liberated gas in result of it, and using it for burning out the torch or generating energy. New polygons and a garbage-processing plant with three lines are expected to be constructed at the first stage. Their research showed that the quantity of the wastes is expected to be at 510 thousand tons per year. We were provided with the data, and these figures had been underestimated. About 30% of the garbage that was not considered does not reach the polygons.

Two alternative technologies are offered to be used. Their cost will depend on the technologies that will be chosen. There is another principal difference. The Japanese experts propose to burn out the whole garbage, and wastes. 10% out of the total volume will be used to generate energy at a volume of 12 MWatt per year. After the wastes are burned out, they are needed to be utilized. According to the technology of the Company, everything is burned out in the one stove. However, there is a piece of information that medical wastes will be carried together with other wastes. Some countries utilize them separately and pack them hermetically. Moreover, according to EBARA, the Japanese legislation prohibits to utilize them commonly. The Company should reconsider its proposals in this connection.

According to EBARA conception, garbage is collected from the collection spots near the dwelling places and unloaded at the intermediate point to ensure the efficiency. It will reduce the time of delivery in exchange to the number of turn-outs. Sorting is carried out in the polygon where the wastes are utilized.

EBRD consultants estimated the total cost of project at the level of в'¬350 m.

In addition to the Japanese companies, Czekh, Russian, Austrian companies showed their interest to the construction of the garbage-processing plant in the country. In this connection, the Azerbaijan Economic Development Ministry intends to hold a tender.