Danes changing their minds about switching to euro amid financial crisis

Other News Materials 2 November 2008 19:45 (UTC +04:00)

An opinion poll says Danes are changing their minds about switching to the euro as a result of the global financial crisis and its effect on Danish interest rates, the Associated Press reported.

The poll, published Sunday in the Daily Politiken newspaper, says 52 percent of Danes support a switch to the euro from the krone, compared with 45 percent two weeks ago. No margin of error was available.

Denmark is an EU member, but has stayed outside the euro zone. While the European Central Bank has cut interest rates, the Danish central bank has raised them to support the value of the krone against the euro, to which it is pegged.

Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who supports switching to the euro, has renewed his pledge for a

referendum before 2011.