Iran expects IAEA to deal with 'ambiguities' it its report

Business Materials 7 September 2020 10:09 (UTC +04:00)
Iran expects IAEA to deal with 'ambiguities' it its report

TEHRAN, Iran, Sept.7


Iran expects the IAEA to remove the ambiguities its reports, said the Spokesman of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Behrouz Kamalvandi, Trend reports citing ILNA.

""So far the IAEA reports have met our expectations," he said. "The impression is that the issues are not related to the JCPOA."

"The issue of Iran producing more than 300 kilogram of enriched uranium is not a special case, since Iran has previously announced its decision to reduce its commitments to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and it's not necessary to provide details of production, only the IAEA should be aware of Iran nuclear activities," he said.

"Releasing report on detail of nuclear activities of countries doesn't only damage the member countries' technically but also commercially," he said.

"The report's confidentiality is part of agreement between IAEA and member countries , so this is sensitive," he said.

Kamalvandi pointed out that the US seeks to prevent Iran from participating in international market, as far as heavy water is concerned, however Iran currently has more heavy water than it needs, so there are plans to export the heavy water products.

"Iran currently has more than 3 tons of enriched uranium and it monthly produces 250 to 300 kilogram of enriched uranium that is equal to the country's production capacity prior to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action," he said.

"The country can increase its production capacities in the future with new generation of centrifuges and would have better position in terms of enrichment and producing nuclear material," Kamalvandi added.