Iran continuing with IAEA and nuclear plans

Iran Materials 6 June 2009 10:38 (UTC +04:00)

Iran's ambassador to the IAEA, Ali-Asghar Soltaniyeh says Iran continues to cooperate with the nuclear watchdog, while at the same time it continues nuclear fuel enrichment activities, Press TV reported.

"After six years of intrusive and robust inspection and in fact over 24 reports by now, the director general has once again reported to the whole world that there is no evidence of diversion of nuclear material or nuclear activities to prohibited purposes," Soltaniyeh told Press TV on Friday.

The IAEA report, a copy of which was obtained by Press TV, confirmed on Friday that Iran continues to enrich uranium to a level of "less than 5 percent," adding that "Iran has not suspended its enrichment related activities or its work on heavy water related projects as required by the Security Council."

The Iranian official regretted, "The negative part of the report, if you may call it, is the announcement of the agency that contrary to the resolution of the United Nation's Security Council, Iran has not suspended its enrichment and is not implementing the Additional Protocol."

He mentioned that Iran has said many times that it cannot give up its nuclear activities which were for peaceful purposes, including enrichment.

"Regarding the Additional Protocol it is very clear that there is no justification for implementing it when the issue has already been clarified that the additional protocol is not a legally binding instrument and many countries have not applied it. However the agency is applying the comprehensive safeguard," Soltaniyeh clarified.

The IAEA has called on Iran to continue cooperation with the nuclear inspectors. The report also wants Tehran to clarify what it describes as "outstanding issues."

Moreover, the agency says that it is not in a position to assure with certainty the absence of undeclared nuclear materials and activities in the country.

Iran says that it will continue its cooperation with the nuclear watchdog under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the NPT. However, Iran insists it will not suspend its nuclear fuel enrichment activities.