Iran and Russia talk on next round of Iran G5+1 negotiations

Iran Materials 3 May 2012 08:39 (UTC +04:00)

Deputy Secretary of IRI National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Baqeri-Kiani and Deputy Foreign Minister of Russian Federation Sergei Ryabkov met here Wednesday evening and talked on next round of Iran-Group 5+1's next round of nuclear talks, IRNA reported.

According to IRNA, Baqeri and Ryabkov in the meeting exchanged viewpoints on the perspective and the issues which would be discussed in May 23rd negations with the five permanent UN Security Council members' representatives plus Germany.

The two sides in the meeting also exchanged ideas on major international and regional developments.

Baqeri and Ryabkov in the meeting also discussed issues of mutual concern, including the two countries' vast scale bilateral relations and comprehensive cooperation.

The Iranian deputy SNSC secretary is in Moscow for talks with Russian officials.

Contrary to some commentators' predictions and assumptions, EU foreign policy chief's spokesman reiterated in talks with IRI foreign minister that there are no pre-conditions for Baghdad talks.

Michael Mann, the Spokesman for EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, said that the Group 5+1 has set no preconditions for the talks with Iran in Baghdad.

Speaking ahead of a new round of talks between Iran and the six world powers, Mann said that there are 'no preconditions' for the negotiations.

'We're here to make concrete progress and what we want to do is kick off a sustained process,' Bloomberg quoted Mann as saying.

Iran has welcomed the resumption of the talks based on common ground, but has repeatedly made it clear that it will not negotiate over any of its fundamental rights.

Iran's Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi had earlier called on the G5+1 (the five permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany) to take part in the negotiations in an honest way and free from any precondition.

'Setting condition before the meeting means concluding before talks, that is completely meaningless and none of the (negotiating) parties will accept conditions prior to negotiation,' Salehi said on Monday.

'We hope that the G5+1 comes to the negotiating table honestly,' Salehi stated, adding that Iran, too, will make honest efforts to work out a win-win result desirable for both sides.

'We have our own views in the meeting and G5+1, too, has its own views, but we should find the commonalities,' Salehi noted.

Iran and the G5+1 held their first round of talks in Istanbul, Turkey a fortnight ago, during which they agreed that the nuclear NPT would be the framework for cooperation and that they would continue negotiations in about a month's time.

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has announced lately that Moscow is quite optimistic about the success of this round of Iran's talks with the G5+1 in Iraq.

The Russian foreign minister reiterated, "We have one objective and that is the transparency of Iran's nuclear program and making sure that this program has no ambiguous dimension, and the best way to achieve that goal is continuing these negotiations, which we support."