Clash between militants, outlaws leave seven dead in Pakistan

Other News Materials 27 April 2008 11:16 (UTC +04:00)

At least seven people were killed in an overnight gun battle between pro-Taliban militants and suspected criminals in Pakistan's lawless tribal territory along the border with Afghanistan, an official said on Sunday.

Taliban forces attacked the gang's hideout in Michni area of Mohmand tribal district, which adjoins the North-West Frontier Province, according to a local administration official.

"Three Taliban and four suspected criminals were killed in the gun fight that continued till late night," the official said. At least two more persons were injured, the dpa reported.

The militants reportedly ordered the criminals to surrender their comrades involved in kidnappings, but instead were fired upon by the armed members of the Dadukhel tribe.

Both sides used assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades.

Pakistan's restive tribal region is officially governed by administrators appointed by the federal government, but it is virtually in the control of warring factions and militant groups believed to be linked to the Afghan Taliban and al-Qaeda.