Members of Gang Made Harmless in Azerbaijan

Politics Materials 8 September 2008 19:49 (UTC +04:00)
Members of Gang Made Harmless in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, Baku, 8 September /corr. TrendNews K.Zarbaliyeva / During the anti-terrorist operation, carried out by Gartal Special Forces of the Ministry of National Security of Azerbaijan in Azerbaijan's district of Ujar, the members of the illegally acting organization "Mesha Gardashlari" ("Forest Brothers") were made harmless.

According to the information provided by the Ministry of National Security and General Procurator's Office, on 6 September information was obtained the fact that one of the active members of this group Telman Abdullayev is in the forest area between the villages of Avaran and Khurel of Gusar District.

It was revealed that the suspected persons hide in the Gusar city in the house, which belongs to Rasim Asadullayev.

During the operation, the person who hid in the house and not obeyed to the order to surrender, threw hand grenades into the Special Forces and shot fire from the submachine guns.

The inhabitants of Gusar region Telman Abdullayev and Gurshad Alikhanov were killed, and Ramil Asadullayev was wounded during armed resistance.

He died on the way to the Central Hospital of the region.

Large number of ammunition was revealed on the place of incident.
At the same time, it was revealed that submachine gun of model AKS-74, withdrawn from the place of incident, belonged to the warrant officer the Special Forces of Internal Troops of the Interior Ministry, Ali Yolchuyev, who was killed during the operation, carried out on 29 August 2008 near the Khazr village of Gusar region.

Amongst the arms, withdrawn during the operation, there was also discovered the pistol of model PM belonging to Telman Abdullayev. It was revealed that the pistol was used for putting gunshot wound to two policemen on 26 September 2007 and murdering the warrant officer the Special Forces of Internal Troops of the Interior Ministry on 29 August 2008. 

Telman Abdullayev could run out during the operational search measures, carried out on 26 September 2007 by law-enforcement agencies for the neutralization of criminal group "Mesha Gardashlari" in the territory of Gusar.

The Prosecutor's Office of Gusar district filed a criminal case against Telman Abdullayev according to the articles 29 and 120.1 (attempt at the intentional murder) of the Criminal of Code. According to this case, a decision was made to make him answerable as suspected, but as he ran out, and the place of his stay was not known, the search was declared for Abdullayev's detention.

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