CWA Pays a Visit to Turkey in Such Wide Composition for the First Time CWA Chairman

Society Materials 2 December 2006 14:40 (UTC +04:00)

The CWA pays a visit to Turkey in such wide composition for the first time, the Chairman of the Congress of World Azerbaijanis (CWA), Javad Derehti, who is presently on the visit to Turkey, informed Trend.

He said that the visit to Turkey was successful. According to Derehti, the delegation held numerous meetings with the senior officials of Turkey, Heads of the leading political parties, NGOs, intellectuals, scientists and representatives of the Diaspora. In addition, the members of the delegation made speeches on the Turkish TV channels. On December 2, the Deputy Chairman of the CWA, Deputy of the Azerbaijani Parliament was a guest in TGRT channel.

During the visit to Ankara, the delegation met with the new Ambassador of Turkey Huseyn Avni Karslioglu and the Head of the Turkish-Azerbaijani Inter-Parliamentary Friendly Group Khaluk Ipek. In addition, the members of the delegation met with the heads of the leading political parties of Turkey with the Chairman of the Republic Popular Party Deniz Baykal, Chairman of National Movement Party Devlet Bakhchali, Deputy Chairmen of Dogru Yol and Great Unity Party. In addition, they visited several research centers.

On December 1, a CWA congress was held with the participation of the representatives of the Azerbaijani Diaspora. According to Derehti, the event brought together the Azerbaijani students who get education in Turkey, as well as students from South Azerbaijan, representatives of Diaspora, representatives of the CWA in Russia, Ukraine, USA, Germany, Holland, Sweden and other guests. In relation with the visit of the Roma Pope, the roads were closed and therefore, several Azerbaijani could not come to the event. Bu we met with them today. Our final meeting will be with Prof. Turan Yazgin, Chairman of Turkish Research Center and our visit will conclude, Derehti said. He said that the visit was successful.