Information About Iran’s New Armaments Aimed to Deviate from War: Experts

Politics Materials 14 August 2008 16:34 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 14 August / Trend corr. R.Azadbakhsh, D.Khatinoglu /The statements by Iranian officials about acquisition of new military equipment and armaments are aimed to intimidate enemies and to deviate from war.  "The information about new armaments in Iran is targeted to deviate from war," former employee of Iran Defence Ministry, who asked for anonymity, told Trend from Teheran.

Mostafa Mohammad Najjar, Iranian Defence Minister, stated that the invisible boat and self-directed submarine were manufactured by Iranian specialists. The new boat and submarine will increase state's defence power.

Former employee of the Defence Ministry said that Iran made new achievements in the military sphere, and the country possesses the strongest army in the Middle East. The sale of armaments to some other countries by Iran shows how the country has promoted in the military sphere.

According to former employee of the Ministry, the most manufactured armaments by Iran were similar to abroad made, but today, Iran manufactures new equipment.

Mohsen Sazegara, one of the founders of the Sepah (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps) told Trend that Iran really succeeded in the military sphere. However, the statements regarding Iran produces upgrade armaments are exaggerated. 

Washington based Iranian expert informed via a telephone that Iran takes the steps to warn the West from war. Actually, compared to West Iran has less defence equipment. "Before, Iran, which produced a rocket able to defeat object from 2,000km distance, can only destroy one building," Sazegara, chairman of the Research Centre of Modern Iran, said.

Iranian Defence Ministry official representative said that the recent achievements in Iran in the military sphere force Iran's enemies to hesitate. In this case the enemies have to refuse from their attack plans and war against Iran. "At present, the region is not ready for a war.  Iran's enemies feel fear of the results of possible war against the country," Iran's official representative said.

While enemies carry out a serious propaganda against Iran, the statements about the country's military achievements inspire Iranian revolutionaries.

In July, Iran tested far distance Shahab "3" rockets. The rocket may defeat objects on 2,000km distance. An hour later of the testing, the United Stated demanded from ran to stop test. Iran has made statements about production of new military equipment lately. Since 1992, Iran has produced new aircrafts, rockets, tanks and anti-aircraft sets.

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